Welcome to the Affiliate Program of e Yellow Pages.

This Affiliate Program is open to anyone in any city/town in India only.

Become an Affiliate to earn handsome income, legitimately! If you are a go-getter and have a flair for meeting people, here’s the opportunity of a life time. If you are able to get an average of 5 revenue listings per day, you can end earning about ₹ 75,000/- per month, in Commissions and Incentives. Not to forget the earnings on revenue generated through Advertisements.

Affiliates to this Program are divided as under:

1. Business Associates
Business Associates

Who is a Business Associate(BA)? Any person, subject to Terms and Conditions, who wishes to work with us on Commission basis for enlisting Listings and Advertisements, will be a Business Associate. He will be paid monthly Commissions + Incentives (subject to achieving set targets) before the 10th of each month. 

2. Master Business Associates

Master Business Associates

Who is Master Business Associate(MBA)? All Affiliates who join this program will initially be as Business Associates. Upon reviewing the results  for the first three months, the Business Associate will be elevated as Master Business Associate. The Master Business Associate will head a District or major city and will moderate and help the Business Associates  in their region in their Performance. In addition to their Commissions and Incentives, the MBAs will get over-riding Commissions on the Commissions of the BAs under them.